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I suppose the seeds for this endeavor were sown quite early. When I was a kid, my parents had a Sears Super 8 movie camera (this was before video tape!) It could not even record audio, but nonetheless, my sisters and I had loads of fun making several short films. Now fast forward through a 30 year career as an actor, musician, and video producer, and lo and behold, my own children's desire to make movies has prompted the creation of  navis pictures.

The impulses to create, to perform, to tell stories, to entertain, to "play make-believe", I think, run deep in the human soul. When those impulses are channeled and gently directed, wonderful, magical things can happen - things like, St. Bernadette of Lourdes. In this film, and the others we are producing, one can clearly see that most innocent and pure expression of a child's creative spirit: channeled, directed, and offered back to the Creator Himself, Almighty God.

And so, we are exploring a new genre - Children's Cinema. My idea is that with a little careful thought and planning, some attention to detail, just a smidgin of simple guidance, and most importantly, an overriding emphasis on the true purpose of art, namely to glorify God, we can make movies that are truly greater than the sum of their parts. None of these kids are professional actors, and most of them have never even had any formal acting instruction, but I believe a child doesn't need to be taught how to put on a costume and pretend - it just comes naturally.

The kids love watching the finished movies, and they'll be able to share them with their children some day. But the benefits don't stop there - I think the idea of 
navis pictures, and especially the films themselves will appeal to just about anyone who appreciates truth, beauty, innocence and joy...I hope you agree.

God Bless you,
- Jim Morlino
navis pictures