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For our dear friends in other places abroad, until we find international distributors, we have a relatively economical option for you:
Up to 4 DVDs will fit inside a USPS Priority International Flat Rate Envelope. So, for example, if you purchase up to 4 copies of any of our DVDs, the total postage would be only $23.95 ($19.95 to Canada), plus, use the Coupon Code International to receive a 50% discount! So your total for 4 DVDs would be $63.95 - that might sound like a lot, but it works out to less than $16.00 per DVD - that's a pretty good any language!
So, might I suggest that you simply convince 3 friends or relatives to combine your orders, and the savings can be significant.
We've had so much interest shown in our films from all around the world, I hope this helps to get them into your hands! 

And if you are interested in becoming a retailer, please contact us for special discounts.  (
God bless you all, and thank you for your interest in 
navis pictures.
- Jim Morlino

P.S. We have shipped thousands of our NTSC DVDs all around the world, from France to New Zealand, and have had very few reports of any problems playing the discs on PAL or SECAM DVD players.