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April 24, 2013

Jim Morlino's Interview with host Sean Herriott on

Relevant Radio's "Morning Air"

Zenit • Rome Sept. 27, 2012 • by Edward Pentin


To make a film about the persecution of the Church during the French Revolution would be a major challenge on its own, but what if the movie’s cast of characters were all children?

Vatican to Host 3rd International Catholic Film Festival

War of the Vendee Nominated for Best Film  •  Rome Reports, June 30 2012

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse interviews Jim Morlino

Podcast for The Ruth Institute  •  June 28, 2012

Fortnight of Films Celebrate Religious Liberty

National Catholic Register  • June 21, 2012

Register film critic Steven D. Greydanus recommends 14 films to accompany the saint of each day.

Pondered In My Heart  •  June 15, 2012

For God and King! The War of the Vendée Review

Frodo Versus Robespierre

Crisis MagazineMay 25, 2012  by  Joseph Pearce

Martyrs Speak Through Children’s Voices

Catholic Heroes of the Vendee Honored in New Film • The Remnant, March 6, 2012 by Brian McCall

Fr. Z's Blog - What Does the Prayer Really Say?  •  March 1, 2012

From the SSPX website •  Jan 18, 2012

Religious Liberty Was Also at Issue in 18th-Century France—Newly Dramatized by Catholic Director

Joseph Pronechen • Feb. 24, 2012

National Catholic Register  •  Sue Ellen Broder  Jan. 6, 2012

"The Importance of Jim Morlino's Movies"  •  by Tom Hoopes  Aug. 6, 2011

Catholic Media Review   •   by Leticia Velasquez   May 31, 2011

EWTN  Life on the Rock  • May 12, 2011  (interview begins at 12:00 mark)

Thoughts for the Week  •  May 1, 2011 Radio interview with Fr. Raymond Petrucci

Children Cast in Bernadette Movie Show Love of Mary 

Rose Walsh, Lincoln Catholicism Examiner  •  Feb. 23, 2011

The Catholic Transcript • Aug. 30, 2010

Our Sunday Visitor • July 25, 2010

"Glorifying God with Children's Cinema"  -  An Interview with Jim Morlino
 by Carl E. Olson,
Ignatius Insight

"The Next Children's Crusade"
by Brian McCall, The Remnant

"166 Children Make 1 Miraculous Movie"
by Joseph Pronechen, National Catholic Register